Inquires and Waitlist

Please fill out the below form to be put on our waitlist, or feel free to fill out the Contact Us page with any questions you may have.

  • Pre-Registration

    Welcome to SSB-CCC! We are not your average daycare. We would love to get to know your family and see if we would be the right fit in being apart of your "village" in loving and caring for you child. Click the link to the left to Pre-register your child for our Center.

    *This does not guarantee placement for your child. It merely begins the process to determine if there's availability. Once paperwork is submitted they will be placed on our waiting list.*

Currently Enrolled

Now that you are enrolled please take the time to fill out and read the below links. 

  • Parent Handbook

    Our parent handbook gives you an insight into who we are and our policies that guide us to be the quality daycare that we are. Click the link below to be guided to our handbook that you have access to you at anytime, anywhere.

  • Getting to Know Your Child

    We would love to get to know your child to help better transition to a new loving environment.

  • Policy and Waivers

    We would love to inform you of specific policies and waivers that must be signed before admission.

  • 2550 Sleep Safety

    Click the box to view the PDF file and once it appears in a separate window, click the down arrow to download the PDF file of the state mandated 2550 Operational Policy on Infant Safe Sleep. Please fill out the form by using Adobe's fill and sign operation located to the right of the form (in Adobe) then save the document. Please email that form back to us using the email located below. If you cannot find the form, it should be located in your downloads folder.

    Email form to: